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Our company was founded in 1991 and we have been growing ever since. We started with just a few foam products including carpet padding that we sold to the Tri-State region in Southeastern Ohio, Northern Kentucky and Southeastern Indiana.  In late 1992 we then opened flooring Distribution Centers in 4 states. Although we were successful with the Distribution Centers, in 1994 we decided to buy our first plant in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We had a basic line of foam products when the plant opened and we have been growing based on demand and relationships over the years to a full line of foam products, sponges and diamond blade products.

What has made US Foam Corp of Indiana successful?  Our outstanding and dedicated employees. Second, our success has also come from a simple business plan of “Let’s be straight forward, honest and dependable”.  All of our employees understand those three simple ways of doing business day to day.  We care about our customers and that should always be a reflextion on each transaction.

Today, our factory produces a wide range of foam products for the furniture, bedding, tile sponges and household sponges industry.